Invert720 Productions

Invert720 Productions is not your average live event and video production company. Quality is key, and so is the Invert process. It’s never ok to paint every event with the same brush. Taking a creative approach to event production has proven that audiences at our events are engaged in the event experience – not just passive participants.

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101, 17628 103 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB T5S 1J9
P: 780.489.7203
F: 780.489.7201
E: info[at]


We (Clint and Justin) officially set up shop in 2007 but that wasn’t the beginning. We both had lots of corporate and event-production experience throughout Alberta and British Columbia long before the birth of Invert720.

After a number of years running our own ‘show’, our enthusiasm for quality and the get-it-done attitude of our team, we’re happy to say we’ve have developed a reputation for taking our client’s events to the next level and digging deep to get to the real-emotion of the story. Phew! We aren’t big on blowing our own horn – we’d rather show you what we can do in person.

Invert720 Productions focuses on providing high quality audio-visual event services, corporate and event video as well as live event management.

What does the "720" in Invert720 Productions mean?

Two guys that did a 360 is a popular answer. Or four guys doing a 180. It’s actually a snowboard trick but it speaks to the Invert vision combining experience, calculated risk, no-fear of heights and a lot of flair.

Company History

We’re pretty visual people so rather so rather than tell you our story we thought we’d show you.

Clint and Justin met in 1999 but had no idea where they’d be in 2007. After years of long days, longer nights and countless hours climbing the corporate ladder at an unnamed national AV company both guys donned their parachutes and leapt optimistically onto the roller coaster of entrepreneurship. A few trusting clients leapt with the duo and, with a few early twists and turns the team continued to build and develop their unique live event management style. People come and go but the Invert team keeps growing and adding to the ranks of talented, invested, and professional audio, visual event and video producers.

That’s just a bit of our story – we’d love to hear yours!

Event Types

Invert720 clients come in all shapes and sizes. Mostly they are businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals who understand the impact that professional event production services can have on their audience. Some of the types of events we’ve done include:

  • Annual General Meetings
  • Non-Profit/Charitable Functions
  • Corporate Events (Anniversaries, Holiday Parties, Product Launches)
  • Press Conferences
  • Product Launches
  • Association Events
  • Symposiums and Conferences
  • Award Shows

No venue is too big or too small. We have first hand experience and knowledge of numerous meeting facilities throughout Western Canada, including room capacities, rigging, lighting and electrical capabilities, acoustical characteristics, access and storage availability.

Event Production & Design

  • Client Consultation
  • Site Analysis and Selection
  • Creative Concept Development
  • Comprehensive Budget Management
  • Technical Direction
  • Floor Plans, Rigging Plots, Renders
  • Stage & Set Design
  • Power & Rigging Coordination
  • Program Direction
  • Supplier Management
  • Event Risk Management

Creating Media

  • Introduction & Client Consultation
  • Research & Strategy
  • Creative Development & Script Writing
  • Location Scouting & Shooting
  • Audio & HD Video Production
  • Direction & Interviewing
  • Editing
  • Motion Graphics and 3D Animation
  • Colour Grading & Sound Design
  • Delivery & Distribution

Staging, Room Accents & Visual Design

  • Client Consultation
  • Custom Decking
  • Backdrops
  • Podiums